Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moretto da Brescia

Ritratto di dama in bianco, 1540 circa, detail, Washington National Gallery.

Ritratto di donna come sant'Agnese, 1540 circa, 88.5 x 71.5cm, collezione privata.

Alessandro Bonvicino (also Buonvicino) (1498 – December 22, 1554), more commonly known as Il Moretto da Brescia, was an Italian Renaissance painter of Brescia and Venice. 
His works display an internal oscillation between the traditions of the Venetian and Central Italian schools. Simultaneously he looked at the form and colour of Venetian artists such as Titian and Palma Vecchio (1480–1528) whilst his classicising, sweet intensity earned him the name 'Raphael of Brescia'.
Il Moretto is stated to have been a man of great personal piety, preparing himself by prayer and fasting for any great act of sacred art, such as the painting of the Virgin-mother.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Young Mother

Young Mother Contemplating her Child, William Bouguereau, Source: Sothebys

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Joan of Arc

Eugene Thirion, 1876
Jeanne d' Arc (detail)

St Joan was an incarnation of the dynamic feminine divine power (called Shakti, in India) which fearlessly combats evil.