Monday, June 30, 2008

Albert Moore


Albert Moore was the brother of the marine painter, Henry Moore (not to be confused with the sculptor). Like Lord Leighton's Flaming June the subject is an orange-robed, sleeping woman. Both paintings are a celebration of the colour orange. The dark blue background sets off the orange of the robes, echoed in the garland of orange flowers. There appear to be hints of purple in the shadows of the folds of fabric. The fans suggest the heat of midsummer.

Jean-Marc Nattier

Portrait of a Lady- Manon Baletti

Madame Victoire


Portrait of the Comtesse d'Andlau, 81 x 65
For the flesh tones, he probably used pink over a purplish-grey underpainting.
This was the technique used to depict fair complexions.

Gérard de Lairesse

Apollo and Aurora, Detail

Portraits of Women


Arnold Boonen, 64.5 x 53 cm

Girolamo Forabosco

Van Dyke

Friday, June 20, 2008

Odd Nerdrum

The Return of the Sun (?)

Sir Frank Dicksee

Oriental Pastime

Portrait of Elsa

The Mirror

Leon Herbo

La Charmeuse
36 inches wide

(For Full Size image see Still Life Blog)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


RANC, Jean - Vertumnus and Pomona

Louis Hersent - Daphnis and Chloe

Cabanel - Albayde

Simon Vouet - Allegory of Prudence

(all these paintings exhibited at National Gallery of Australia, except for Hersent)

Court, Joseph-Desire


Le Sueur - Muses

The Muses Melpomene, Erato and Polymnia



Hagar and the Angel (detail)

Allegory of Magnificence 39 x 50.5 inches

Calliope (the Muse)

Nuit de noce de Sarah et Tobit
Eustache Le Sueur (or Lesueur)